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The Indian flute (or Native american flute) is a wind instrument usually made of wood that originally comes from the natives of North America. Today it has become very popular in relaxation and meditation music. It is easy to play and can be used as a tool to reach states of deep relaxation and it also helps to connect with emotions and express creativity freely too. In addition, among the benefits on a physical level, it helps to improve breathing, since this is essential when playing the instrument. It is highly recommended to play it in nature, as the natives used to do, and in that way it helps us to connect with it. Choose a day without wind and go outside to enjoy your instrument.

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Indian Flutes

Our specialty is the native American flute made of bamboo and wood, but we also make quality quenas in bamboo and wood as well. Native American flutes are tuned in the minor  pentatonic scale, while quenas are tuned in a major scale. Choose the one that best suits your needs and if you need advice you can use our contact form.

Native American Flutes


Native American Flutes




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