Flute maintenance

For the maintenance of the flute you can use oils, for example, almond oil or coconut oil. You can introduce the oil through the mouthpiece and you can also use a sponge with a piece of bamboo cane to insert the sponge from the back to lubricate the flute completely. You must be especially careful […]

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5 or 6 holes

Choosing a 5 or 6 hole flute is a personal thing. The minor pentatonic scale does not use the third hole from the top, so many people choose not to or cover it up. There are people who want to use the third hole to have one more note and generate different melodies but to

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New creation in Tulipwood

On this occasion I have created a model of a flute in Tulipier wood tuned in E minor pentatonic scale. It is a very nice wood with black grains and it has a very clean sound. Tulipier wood, tulip tree or yellow poplar (yellow poplar), is a leafy, light and light-toned wood that is very

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The wind and the flute

Although the Native American flute is a wind instrument, interestingly it is not recommended to play the flute when there is a lot of wind. The wind directly affects the air outlet of the flute through the hole that emits the sound, negatively affecting its performance. Therefore, windy days are the least recommended to play

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