Interesting information about native flutes

PROXIMA TERAPIA DE SONIDO 2 DE MARZO EN CHICLANA: Sanando estados de polarización negativos En nuestro siguiente baño de sonidos
For the maintenance of the flute you can use oils, for example, almond oil or coconut oil. You can introduce
Choosing a 5 or 6 hole flute is a personal thing. The minor pentatonic scale does not use the third
On this occasion I have created a model of a flute in Tulipier wood tuned in E minor pentatonic scale.
Baño de sonidos día 26-05-2023
Balancing the energy centers On Friday, May 26, we invite you to enjoy a sound bath to stimulate the circulation
Although the Native American flute is a wind instrument, interestingly it is not recommended to play the flute when there
For the construction of the Native American flutes I have used many types of wood. All this aimed at seeking
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