Sound healing events – Terapia de sonido eventos

PROXIMA TERAPIA DE SONIDO 2 DE MARZO EN CHICLANA: Sanando estados de polarización negativos En nuestro siguiente baño de sonidos

Sound baths are a relaxation technique or therapy that seeks to create a state of harmony and peace in the person, using various instruments.

Sound has been shown to have healing effects on both the mind and body.

A sound bath session can cause a reduction in anxiety, tension and sadness levels, as well as a decrease in pain.

Research on this topic is limited, but there have been studies indicating that a sound bath can improve your mood and release tension in the body, among other things.

Our sound baths are aimed at stimulating the energetic circulation of the chakras. For this we will use 7 native flutes, each of them tuned to the musical note that corresponds to each chakra and at 432 hertz. All of this accompanied by the therapeutic frequency emitted by the Tibetan bowls, the koshi, the shamanic drum and the handpan.

To achieve this intention, we begin with a guided meditation that facilitates relaxation and optimal reception of sounds. We only need you to come into contact with your body and root yourself in the present, allowing the instruments to reach the deepest part of your being.

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