What should I keep in mind if I am a beginner?

The first thing is to say that I have been a beginner. My humble recommendations to keep in mind if you are a beginner are the following:

  • Choose a flute that suits your economic needs.
  • Ask the builder, talk to him, tell him you’re a beginner, ask for a recommendation.
  • Do not start by buying a flute with a very low key, they tend to be larger and have more distant holes and also require more mastery of the diaphragm to play them well.
  • If you have small hands, I also do not recommend a flute that is too big because its holes will probably be far away and your hands may not be big enough to play the flute comfortably.
  • Make sure the flute you are buying is the product you want to play. Make sure the tuning is what you are looking for and the scale is what you are looking for as well. Normally the native flutes that I build are made in the minor pentatonic scale with 5 holes although if you want I can make them with 6, no problem, but make sure that the flute you buy is the one you want. I have had a case of a flute tuned in an Arabic scale and when it reached the recipient they decided that they did not want it. Nothing that can’t be fixed but it’s good to know what you’re buying. In all the product descriptions what is necessary appears and in case of doubts you can always contac.
  • There are many videos on youtube to learn how to play the Native American flute. You just have to search.
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